Emergency Education

We guarantee educational opportunities for children living in emergency situations.

Wars, crises, emergencies of various kinds often have a destructive effect on access to education for millions of children and young people who find themselves living a difficult present and an uncertain future.

For about 30 years the international network of COOPI has undertaken educational initiatives in emergency areas for the benefit of refugees, internally displaced people and the local population. Most large and long-term projects are implemented in the Central African Republic and in Niger, but many projects have also been implemented or are being implemented in Chad, Iraq, Nigeria, Dem. Rep. Of Congo, Ethiopia, Palestine and Lebanon.

As a response to an emergency situation, we carry out formal and informal educational activities in order to provide protection from potential risks of abuse and violation of human rights, especially for vulnerable groups such as girls; we provide educational material, we construct temporary schools, using tents or containers; we train and support teachers.

With education we want to provide a safe learning space to protect the integrity of children and young people, reduce the psychological impact of the crisis and strengthen the sense of stability of the children involved.


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