The importance of creating synergies between all the people actively engaged in eradicating poverty globally is crucial for making humanitarian aid and international cooperation work successfully. This is due to the complexity of the problems to be solved and the multi-sectorial interventions required.


The effectiveness and impact of the projects will depend largely on the ability of those who help to “do their part” with others who “do their part”, according to their skills, resources available, experiences and each context of reference.

To support us and make a donation, intended for a specific intervention, means giving us the possibility to carefully plan our activities and have a stronger impact in improving the lives of entire communities. Making a donation means to be a concrete and active part of our organization, allowing us to achieve tangible and challenging goals for a solid and sustained growth over time.


For our important private donors, the most appropriate intervention of concern is chosen and selected together, according to their needs, desires and interests. We update them regularly on the activities pursued and, if interested, we arrange a mission on site so our donor can see for themselves the results achieved.

Over the years, we have consolidated relationships with international and local partners within the international COOPI network. This permits us to guarantee the implementation of quality interventions by combining the expertise of COOPI with other scientific, technical or local knowledge improving advocacy skills with respect to the needs identified on site, promoting the exchange of experiences, scientific research and thematic and sectoral capitalization and ensuring the impact of the actions taken.

As a partner of the international COOPI network, COOPI Suisse has extensive resources in question thanks to its experiences in complicated and unstable contexts, where we have gained considerable knowledge, demonstrating extraordinary flexibility and resilience. Starting a partnership with COOPI Suisse has the advantage of having a partner of complete trust on site, with ample experience and a precise overview that allows the Foundation to find the right balance between limited resources and the desire to maximize its impact.