Your donation will bring food, water, health and education to children, women and men in the poorest countries.
Single donation: here are some examples of what you can do

With CHF 20

help save the life of a malnourished child


With CHF 40

grant textbooks and school supplies to a child in Iraq

With CHF 75

give water where there is drought

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Donation Total: 40.00 CHF

Recurring donations: here are some examples of what you can do

With 360 CHF

you provide water for livestock, supporting the livelihoods of the shepherd families


With CHF 240

you guarantee trained teachers for extremely vulnerable children

With 120 CHF

you save a child from malnutrition by ensuring treatment and therapeutic food and training sessions for mothers to recognize and prevent symptoms of malnutrition
You can donate with PAYPAL, wire transfer or Postfinance. If you want to make regular donations through PayPal, please complete all the fields in the form and select the amount of your recurring donations

Recurring donation

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Donation Total: 120.00 CHF One Time

Or, download the following form, fill it out and
send it back to COOPI Suisse for the bank authorization
Tax benefits

Remember! In many cantons and countries, donations to COOPI Suisse are tax deductible! We send annual donation certificates to our regular donors to keep for their tax return.