We intervene in the most vulnerable situations, accompanying communities towards sustainable recovery and development. We want to contribute to a harmonious and integrated development of the populations with which we operate in developing countries, with the awareness that through the encounter and collaboration between populations, ideals of equality and justice are pursued and a better world balance is achieved.

Regarding the local activities in Switzerland, COOPI Suisse actively participates in the local network of people and associations sensitive to the issues of international cooperation. In this way COOPI Suisse makes its contribution to create opportunities for citizens and on-site institutions to understand the problems that afflict developing countries and what is happening in the rest of the world, also thanks to COOPI’s direct witnesses. This permits COOPI Suisse to continue to be involved in this project of change and help to build a culture of solidarity.

In situations of emergency and development. COOPI works in areas with conditions of extreme poverty and socio-political or environmental fragility. Thereby it applies an approach that ties together interventions in emergency situations with those of rehabilitation and community development. This kind of approach aims to provide a sustainable response in the long run, ensuring continuity among security, humanitarian and development assistance.