COOPI Suisse wants to contribute, through the commitment, motivation, determination and professionalism of its staff, to the process of fighting poverty and to the growth of the communities with which it cooperates in the world, intervening in emergency situations, bringing reconstruction and development, to achieve a better balance between the North and the South of the planet, between “developed” areas and depressed or developing areas.


COOPI Suisse aspires to a world without poverty, able to concretely implement the ideals of equality and justice, sustainable development and social cohesion, thanks to the coming together and cooperation among all populations.


COOPI Suisse is a non-profit humanitarian non-religious and independent organisation, constituted on May 3rd, 2012 in Lugano according to the Swiss Civil Code and officially recognized as a public utility in December 2012.

Our aim is to contribute to a harmonious and integrated development of the communities with which we operate in developing countries, knowing that through the encounter and collaboration between people one pursues ideals of equality and justice to achieve a better world balance. In Switzerland we promote values of inclusion and international solidarity.

COOPI Suisse was born from the initiative and motivation of a few people in Ticino, who knew and worked with the international network of COOPI in the past.

To foster a better balance between the most developed and least developed areas of the planet, COOPI intervenes in situations of emergency, reconstruction and development.

COOPI Suisse is constituted by people who have developed a certain knowledge on international development and humanitarian aid issues and contribute to the awareness and implementation of projects in developing countries with their expertise.

Among the members of the assembly, the committee, the volunteers, the staff of COOPI Suisse, there are people who for various reasons have experienced the complex world of developmental cooperation. These are people who are active in organizing awareness raising and developmental education initiatives, attending the associative world of Ticino, and working for short or long periods in developing countries within the management of interventions.

COOPI Suisse has an area dedicated to its activities in Switzerland, a communication and fundraising area, an area dedicated to the management of ​​projects, which are undertaken by the headquarters on-site, in collaboration with local partners and institutional donors.

Thanks to being a member of the international network of COOPI, COOPI Suisse can make use of key skills to ensure the best use of resources available: research and program innovation, planning and project management, quality control, human resources, communication and fundraising.