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We operate in the far North region of Cameroon. It is an area seriously affected by the crisis in the Lake Chad basin, which also affects Niger, Chad and Nigeria. Since 2013, due to attacks by armed groups, thousands of people have moved to an area that is also affected by adverse climatic effects - such as drought and floods - and epidemics. The region, with 3.9 million inhabitants, has 1.9 million people who need some form of humanitarian assistance.


In the Logone-Chari department, access to good education is one of the biggest challenges. About 506.000 girls and boys need educational support and 44% of families with school-aged children cannot send their children to school because of too high fees, the absence of teachers and adequate classrooms. In 2019, 68 schools were closed due to raids of armed groups.



The project involves 7 schools in the Logone-Charie department, and foresees the organization of  recovery courses for those boys and girls who were unable to enroll in schools, the distribution of kits and school manuals, the organization of training sessions for teachers, community pedagogues and mothers of students. These sessions will focus on transmitting life skills to children. Furthermore, the project will focus on establishing an identification and reference system provided to those structures that house children with signs of psychosocial suffering.

The direct beneficiaries are

  • 4.402 children who will receive school kits and manuals;
  • 218 children identified for recovery courses;
  • 140 children who need psychosocial support referring to community protection services (they are part of 4,402);
  • 21 community pedagogues trained;
  • 35 trained teachers;
  • 35 mothers who are members of the parents' association


The indirect beneficiaries are the family members of the direct beneficiaries of the intervention, about 23.380 people (5 members / family).


The duration of the project is from May 2020 to June 2021.

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