The rapper Gemitaiz supports COOPI

"Sometimes things happen that make you believe in destiny. Last January, I left with Mace and Manuel Marini for Mozambique. We wanted to go back to Africa and none of them had ever been to Maputo, so we took the opportunity to go on a "holiday". We rented a car and set off, we drove all along the coast to explore and breathe this place full of life, grabbing everything Mozambique had to offer. We hadn't taken into account, however, that the journey of a director, a singer and a producer would turn into a creative opportunity and, driven by the passion for our work, we immediately felt the desire, or perhaps a real need, to produce something representative of that energy, those sunsets and vibes that day after day were conquering us.

We made two pieces and shot a video clip to be combined. Just as at the beginning of our individual careers, we became the production of ourselves. The three of us, together with some friends met here and there in the country, filmed the whole creative process, from the first to the last sound, from the first written word to the end of the songs. We convinced ourselves that it would be nice to document that world and show how it influenced our artistic choices of the moment. We have been working on this project since we returned at the end of January, what happened afterwards, unfortunately, we all know: the pandemic that stopped our lives and that continues to claim victims among the most vulnerable and poor social groups in the world; and the globally witnessed murder of George Floyd, yet another African-American citizen killed in cold blood by American law enforcement agencies.

Our journey and the events of the past few months have pushed us to work even harder, so that we can present you with a piece of work affected by the world we are living in, where we are linked to each other regardless of latitudes and distances.

I am proud to announce that the video, shot by Manuel Marini, of the two tracks produced by Mace was published on YouTube on 28 July. We are working on a real documentary - about our journey and the stories that have intertwined - that will be released before this winter.

All benefits from the video, song, streaming or purchase of the documentary will be donated to COOPI, a non-governmental organization (...) that has been working for more than 50 years in the most vulnerable areas of the world, in contexts of development and emergency, and has brought assistance to millions of people in almost 70 countries in Africa, Asia and Central and South America.

I sincerely hope I can count on your support and that you enjoy the work: only together we can really help people less fortunate than us because - let's face it - being born in this happy part of the world is nothing but a lot of luck".

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