Addressing climate change and food and nutrition security in the Mancomunidad MAMSOHUE of Huehuetenango (Project 052)

In the area considered for this intervention there are several problems, in particular related to food security, climate change, lack of work, migration. Problems in the field of food and nutrition security in the district of Huehuetenango (Guatemala) can be seen as a limiting factor for the development of the inhabitants, which affects their learning ability, physical development and skills both in the short and in the long term term. Overall, it is known that chronic malnutrition in the region amounts to 69% in rural areas, which is higher than the national average. The quality of life of the inhabitants decreases over time, generating new sections of the population living in levels of poverty and extreme poverty. Most of the population is not aware of the main problems caused by the underdevelopment in which they live. The problems related to food insecurity are added, moreover, to those concerning the Community institutional capacities, in particular of the actors who should be responsible for implementing actions capable of stemming or preventing the harmful effects of underdevelopment. For example, there is an almost total absence of strategic and institutional plans for adaptation to the effects produced by climate change, such as the scarcity of usable water for agricultural activities and human consumption and food and nutritional insecurity, particularly present in the area of the district of Huehuetenango.

Results and activities:

The action that will be implemented will have two main results. The first aims to strengthen institutional capacities,

with the creation of strategic plans focused on food and nutrition resilience and on water and sanitation, integrating existing systems. The second envisages specific actions that will increase the availability of water, thus allowing the creation of home gardens to increase the availability and quality of food.

A1.1. Updating of the institutional strategic plan for the municipalities belonging to MAMSOHUE.

A1.2. Creation of an inter-municipal working table for the joint implementation of actions for food and nutrition security, adaptation to climate change and management of water resources.

A1.3. Municipal Water and Sanitation Offices (Oficinas Municipales de Agua y Sanamiento - OMAS in Spanish) trained, equipped and operational that provide support to their municipalities.

A1.4. Awareness campaign aimed at women and young people for democratic and inclusive participation in water management, adaptation to climate change and food and nutrition security.

A2.1. Action of seeding and rainwater harvesting.

A2.2: Creation of family and community gardens.

A2.3: Distribution of water purification filters to priority and high-risk households.

Expected objectives: Contribute to strengthening resilience in municipalities vulnerable to climate change in the southwestern area of the district of Huehuetenango, Guatemala. Specific objective: To improve food and nutrition security in MAMSOHUE municipalities, consolidating institutional capacities and promoting alternative and sustainable means for water resource management and food production.

Direct beneficiaries: 1100 inhabitants (572 women and 528 men) residing in the municipalities belonging to the Mancomunidad MAMSOHUE + 60 (30 women and 30 men) people involved in strategic planning spaces at the municipal level

Local partners:COOPI Guatemala, Mancomunidad MAMSOHUE

Cost: 90.048 CHF

Duration: 17 months (1 August 2023 – 31 December 2024)

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