TraSguardi 2019

How many planets would it take if the world's population consumed at the rate of the average inhabitant of Switzerland?


This is one of the questions we asked visitors of the 2019 edition TraSguardi - the world in a park.


This game included a series of questions and answers, giving us of COOPI Suisse the opportunity to reflect on fundamental issues of food security and discuss these with event's visitors.


The subject concerns everyone, but even more so the populations who are directly affected by hunger and poverty. This year we are working in Niger, Sudan, Chad and Ethiopia to help entire communities overcome malnutrition, water access, preserve farms and fight desertification.


For those who want to know the answer to the question above: 3.3 planets!


The concept of an "ecological footprint" takes into account the amount of natural resources we consume and the amount of waste we produce and what our planet must dispose of. If the world's population was to consume at the rate of an average Swiss person, it would need as many as 3.3 planets.


(source: Sustainable Development Card Game

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