We train 155 teachers in Chad

To strengthen teachers' skills in a region where almost half of the children aged 6 to 14 do not go to school,
is the goal of this project. By transfering the training from first-level trainers to colleagues, a multiplier effect is created.

The training sessions focus on pedagogical methods and techniques, elements of pedagogy and continuous learning, including risk management and gender dynamics.

In addition, the project aims to facilitate the participation of existing community structures, such as the pupil's mothers' association and the pupil parents' association, in the management of their children's schools.

Over the last 5 years, the development and improvement of Chad's school system has stopped, in some cases the situation has even worsened, despite the hopeful progress made over the last 30 years.

The number of children going to school is steadily declining, school facilities are deteriorating and teaching staff are becoming less and less involved due to the lack of qualifications and motivation: about 70% of teachers are not paid regularly. Consequently, the contributions requested by families to support the functioning of schools also increase in the poorest areas of the country.

The Chadian Ministry of Education has authorized the establishment of informal schools to accommodate children who have left the school system and who, being unable to immediately enroll in formal schools, need to make up for lost education.

The direct beneficiaries are 115 teachers and 172 members of parent and pupil associations.

Indirect Beneficiaries are 4830 pupils from the 24 primary schools involved (15 formal and 9 informal), of which about 2800 are male and 2030 female; 7000 people who are included in community awareness and mobilisation sessions.

The project takes place from January to June 2020.

The project is carried out with the contributions from the Canton of Ticino, the City of Lugano and COOPI Suisse’s donors.

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