Corridors for seasonal migration of livestock and a sea for drinking

In Chad, the use of soil and water is an important factor for peaceful coexistence between shepherds and farmers and entire communities.


In the Sila region, in 2019, we strengthened the capacities of regional administrative authorities, departments and the population in terms of conflict prevention. We provided training courses on the management of natural resources and conducted a regional information campaign.


This year we are working with all beneficiaries from 2019 to implement the management plans they defined during the first intervention.


At least 5km of migratory trails are expected to be marked, paths used by transhuman and semi-nomadic herders for the movement of livestock along axes that connect the various grazing areas. Thanks to this corridor, and its defined marking, conflict between shepherds and farmers are avoided. It very often happens that animals’ cross areas used for agriculture on the way from one grazing area to another, ravaging the farmers' fields. Similarly, farmers grow crops in areas dedicated to migrating animals, further contributing for these groups to clash.



A "sea" for livestock drinking purposes will be built. In order to ensure sufficient water - a sea of about 10 thousand cubic meters has been estimated - the ground had to be excavated and a layer of stones and clay was set to make the seabed more waterproof. The "sea" is part of the management plan. In fact, the water points for the use of livestock along the migratory tracks are considered strategic because they facilitate the shepherds when moving the animals along predefined routes.


The direct beneficiaries are about 5.800 families (of which at least 1.900 are led by a female head of household).


The indirect beneficiaries are about 387.400 people, family members of sedentary, semi-sedentary and moving shepherds of the Sila region, of which about 52% are women.


The project takes place from January to December 2020.


The realization is guaranteed by the COOPI Suisse donors, by the AIL – Aziende Industriali di Lugano and by the AMB – Azienda Multiservizi Bellinzona.


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