Annual report 2019, to be browsed immediately!

How many people have we reached with our projects in Sudan, Niger, Chad and Iraq? What initiatives in Ticino did we participate in? And again: how did we use the donations received from our supporters?

In the 2019 Annual Report we want to provide the reader with helpful information to get to know us. Not only that, we also hope to convey emotions, those that arise from meeting people with whom we share hopes and goals, those that arise at the start of a project and that remain it until its conclusion.

Here is the introductory letter from COOPI Suisse’s President Carla Ricci, which describes the meaning of this path taken together.

Dear Friend of COOPI Suisse

COOPI Suisse, thanks to your fundamental support, has been able to intervene in various crises and support populations in serious difficulty: we have tackled malnutrition in Niger, we have continued to bring children affected by the war in Iraq back to school, we have made water accessible in Sudan and supported rural development in Chad.

Without your contribution all this would not have been possible. Year after year, many of you trust us and support us regularly: a fundamental help that combines the value of the contribution itself with the irreplaceable value of continuity over time. The same that some of our institutional partners are demonstrating to which we are also very grateful.

Thanks to this consistency we can plan the interventions by choosing to carry out even large-scale projects, which will produce lasting effects.

In doing so, we pay utmost attention to our work. Our seriousness and transparency in using
the resources you have entrusted us with this year have also been recognized by the Zewo Foundation, which evaluates and monitors organisations that raise funds in Switzerland since 1936, and which has given us the opportunity to use its well-known brand mark, a guarantee for transparency and reliability.

Therefore, the year 2019 was full of projects in countries that continue to face enormous difficulties and that will need assistance in the near future. Don’t let us miss your precious contribution: once again, it is together that we can really ... change history!

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