Syrie, 13 years without a break

What year do you think these two photos are from? They both look like images of Syria from the last few weeks, but one of them was taken in 2010.

It's not easy to tell them apart because Syria has been in a never-ending emergency for 13 years now. Today marks the sad anniversary of the start of the conflict and it is hard to accept that the crisis in all this time has not only not been overcome but that the earthquake of 6 February has exacerbated it.

Even before the earthquake, there were 12.7 million people in need and 4.9 million in critical or catastrophic conditions, and Syria had the largest number of displaced people in the world. Today the UN says that 8.8 million people were affected by the earthquake, 105,000 families were left homeless, about 12,000 were injured and 6,000 died.

These are impressive figures that cannot leave us indifferent. COOPI Suisse, through the COOPI network, has been working in the country since last year to try to contain the humanitarian emergency caused by the conflict and is now committing resources and energy to contain this new crisis in Aleppo, one of the cities most affected by the earthquake.

Many people are still homeless and at risk of cold, hunger and disease. We are doing everything we can to reach more and more families, but it is not enough.

Help us today: on this day, which marks the thirteenth year since the conflict began, you too can make an important contribution to ensure the recovery of families living with the consequences of a never-ending crisis and now also the earthquake.




With 45 CHF
you will contribute to the purchase of 1 blanket and 1 solar lamp.

With 75 CHF
You will help with the distribution of hygiene kits

With 120 CHF
You will support a family affected by the earthquake in Syria


Thank you for everything you can do for the families in Syria!


Carla Ricci
President COOPI Suisse


Other ways to make a donation:

- by bank transfer (Banca Stato- IBAN: CH3800764140024262003)
- with Postfinance (c/c Account number: 65-785033-1 payable to COOPI Suisse
IBAN: CH88 0900 0000 6578 5033 1)

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