On the side of Human Rights


We are here today to talk about the referendum held on November 25th, 2018 to join the campaign "NO to the anti-human rights initiative" because we believe in Switzerland that has always managed to preserve its sovereignty by being and contributing to this world.


We are reminded of the immense contribution that the Swiss Federation made to humankind with the codification of the international humanitarian law, thanks to the work of Herny Dunant and other activists like him, who through the foundation of the International Committee of the Red Cross, led us to endorsing and signing the first Geneva Convention on August 22nd, 1864.


Through our work we touch with our own hands the tragedy of armed conflicts and the importance of protecting civilians and those wounded: the signed international agreements, although not always respected, offer many possibilities to exercise pressure and intervene in the partaking countries.


Switzerland, which has given so much and which has understood long ago the importance and inevitability of being in contact with the rest of the world, now threatens to eradicate this wisdom and ability of envisioning important matters.


This is why we cannot support the initiative of self-determination put to referendum on November 25th, and for this reason we want to stress the commitment of "Uniti dal diritto" , a group of lawyers and other professionals engaged in the Swiss economy and its politics, dedicated in providing correct information on the subject.

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