2023: a year of goals together

The year 2023 has begun with a series of new projects and goals to be achieved together with those who support us. Goals that translate into numbers of men, women and children who will see their lives change for the better.

In Burkina Faso, our aim is to help 600 people. We have set up a mobile team for health, nutrition and protection whose task will be to move from village to village in the Gorom-Gorom area to provide emergency health care, help with disease screening and transport, if necessary, to specialised facilities. The mobile clinic will also offer protection and try to make families aware of proper nutritional practices to fight malnutrition in children.

2650 is the number of people we want to help in Venezuela, where we have initiated a project to improve the lives of the population, especially the most fragile groups, such as women and girls. In the El Libertador Municipality, we are setting up a participatory waste management system and 60 of the most disadvantaged women will be in charge of the organisation: in this way they will be able to support themselves with an activity while protecting the environment.

In Lebanon, we have also started a project related to sustainability and waste disposal. The Governorate of Akkar, where we operate, is one of the poorest in the country and the institutions are faced with numerous problems, which are also exacerbated by the large number of Syrian refugees settled in the area. The waste management system will not only reduce the environmental impact, it will also generate employment: we estimate that 37,000 people will benefit from this project.

In Congo, we are continuing with the activities we started last year to fight food insecurity in the Upemba Park area. Here people, due to poverty, are forced to use the Park's resources, so 3400 families are receiving support to increase their harvests and food availability without having to resort to poaching.

Finally, in Syria, we had started to promote a new school-related project, but because of the earthquake last February, we took action to respond to the emergency [Coopi Suisse | The race to stop the emergency in Syria does not stop] and support 365 families affected by the crisis.

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