Do you want to support the weakest and change history?

COOPI Suisse's Friends change history: they provide wellbeing, food, water and education.

Millions of people around the world live in critical conditions: women, men and children who struggle every day to survive wars, droughts, malnutrition and poverty.

Thanks to the Friends of COOPI Suisse, children suffering from malnutrition receive appropriate treatment, local communities have enough water for livestock, men and women harvest their fields and let their flocks graze and children, who live in environments of emergency, can go to school.


With CHF 240

you guarantee trained teachers for extremely vulnerable children

Together against malnutrition

In Chad, land and water use are important topics to ensure a peaceful coexistence between shepherds and farmers, between entire communities.
Almost 80% of the Chadian population lives in rural areas and about 40% is supported by livestock, which is the only source of income for some of the most disadvantaged populations and the main way of exploiting the semi-arid areas.

COOPI Suisse works with shepherds and farmers to achieve food security: we supply seeds and tools to farmers, provide training sessions, we build veterinary centers and vaccinate animals, we help farmers and shepherds to find an agreement for the collective use of water and terrain, to avoid conflict.

Together we can bring development!


With 360 CHF

you supply stoves with low environmental impact to allow mothers cook meals for their children 

We have important goals


Save 10.400 children


Food for 5.800 shepherds


Education for 9.200 children

Become a Friend of COOPI Suisse now!

Join the cycle of recurring donations: with the regularity and the amount you decide on, you can be part of developmental processes that change people’s lives. You will help us plan interventions and make our aid sustainable.

Your support changes the stories of


Families affected by drought

you provide water for livestock to support shepherd families, preventing conflicts over land use


Children struggling to study

you help children to go to school, providing school supplies and training sessions for teachers


Communities that have no access to food

you support the activities of farmers and shepherds by providing the necessary resources to get food


Children suffering from malnutrition

you provide treatment, medicines, therapeutic food to children and training sessions to mothers.

Today we have clean water
Until recently, we drank dirty water and it was normal to be sick. Now water is available, there is no man or woman in my village who cannot repair a well and both will go and collect it.

In Abu Dam (North Darfur), after COOPI’s awareness-raising activities, the village chief King Jaffer, made sure that the water supply became a task also for men and not just for women.