I made a bequest to COOPI. You will find me where there is joy, planning and hope.

I decided to give a part of my possessions to COOPI, to fight world poverty. And I am happy, as if I had received the gift myself. I gave a future to the values ​​I believe in, because I planted joy and hope, and I will be present in a project that bears my signature. Look out and you will find me in the serenity of those who have seen their lives change; you find me there, among the living. Think about it for yourself.


Request a free brochure. To receive the brochure on how to make a testamentary bequest for COOPI Suisse’s projects in the world, visit suisse.coopi.org/testamentary-legacy or talk to Anna Bonaldi at (0) 91 9663472 or via email at bonaldi@coopi.org.