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Child Project Supporters save children from malnutrition

In the poorest countries, those torn by conflicts or in environments affected by drought, children remain the main victims with limited access to treatment and resources.

When there is no food, no water and hygiene and sanitary conditions are poor, malnutrition remains one of the main risks. Even very young children do not receive adequate nutrition and drink contaminated water, consequently becoming seriously ill.

Thanks to the Supporters of the Child Project, many young, life-threatened beneficiaries are immediately taken to health facilities where they receive high-protein nutrition and care until they are completely cured.

Together against malnutrition


In Mali, one of Africa’s poorest countries, malnutrition affects thousands of children. Around 10% of children under the age of 5 years suffer from malnutrition, often leading to death.

COOPI Suisse identifies these children in their villages, cares for them in health facilities, trains doctors, provides high-protein foods and hygienic and sanitary devices, supports mothers and monitors children even after recovery. Malnutrition is a serious but treatable disease.

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Ensure the identification of malnourished children in the most remote villages



Provide a child with medical treatment and Plumpynut to recover weight quickly



Provide Health Facilities with the necessary hygienic devices and equipment



Offer a mother psychological assistance and training

Chege’s healingWhen we found Chege in his village, the situation was dramatic – the baby was dying. To see his curious and watchful eyes today, measure his arm and know that he is no longer in danger is an amazing experience, but it is also evidence of the concreteness and the skills of COOPIGiuseppe, Project Manager in Mali.