Water and Sanitation

We promote access to and more informed and safe use of water and environmental resources. For COOPI Suisse, access to water, in forms of adequate quantity and quality, is an essential factor for the development of the communities with which it cooperates. It recognises the fundamental link between the management of this resource, food safety and health and thereby encourages the efficient use of water resources. In this sense, COOPI Suisse recognizes climate change as a factor that can limit both the availability and access to water and promotes adaptation strategies that serve to mitigate the risks of water deficit and its related conflicts.

In particular, we guarantee access to water through the construction of wells, the installation of catchment systems, the rehabilitation or construction of infrastructures and water supply points (eg. along pastoral routes), the construction of efficient irrigation and rainwater recovery systems from the roofs of both private and public buildings. With regard to water access for human consumption, we promote community awareness-raising activities on the systems of domestic treatment and safe storage, on the risks deriving from the transmission of water-related diseases and we support the mediation of potential conflicts that may arise for the management of the resource. Furthermore, we promote integrated solid waste management that considers all phases.