Obo: quando le storie finiscono bene
Photo : Archivio COOPI     Kenneth MBOLI is 16 years old, and a south Sudanese refugee who lives in the area of Obo. He benefits from the support that COOPI supplies through its project, in favour of the most vulnerable people in the Haut Mbomou region, in the Central African […]

Obo: when stories end well

Friends of little warriors
  In a few days COOPI Suisse launches its annual fundraising and awareness campaign. Soon you will see our collaborators on the streets of Ticino looking for new supporters who help to carry out our projects in the poorest countries in the world and to be on the side of […]

COOPI Suisse is back on the streets

Friends of little warriors
Thanks to the supporters of the Children Project, many little recipients receive care against malnutrition and psychological support to forget the traumas experiences. They can start a new life made of affection and education. Children who flew from the war find a safe place to grow up with their family.

Friends of little warriors

Photo: UNHCR   On the 22nd of May, Lugano welcomed a first-class guest. During the evening organized by the Swiss Radio-Television of Italian language (RSI),  the High Commissioner of the UNHCR Filippo Grandi spoke in fact about the most serious current humanitarian crises and presented his latest book, “Refuges and returns” […]

Humanitarian emergencies: Filippo Grandi in Lugano

Amici di COOPI Suisse
Thanks to the Friends of COOPI Suisse, local communities have access to drinkable water and irrigation. The populations affected by natural disasters are able to face emergencies. Women and men learned innovative techniques for cultivation and farming.

Friends of Coopi Suisse

  When seeing this report I was struck by how the words spoken by a Nigerien mother can assimilate to those of a mother from here, in Ticino, despite hundreds of miles away and the totally different conditions of life: “my youngest children go to school because I do not […]

“For my children, school is like a second mother”

                   Photo: Archivio COOPI   “Everything has changed. All this green was not here before. Until recently there was only sand”. Abbakr Abbami smiles proudly. With one hand he holds his hoe, with the other he points out to the field in […]

With the growing green, suffering turns into hope