COOPI Suisse at the 5th Film Festival of Human Rights in Lugano

This year COOPI Suisse participated at the Film Festival of Human Rights in Lugano by discussingthe award-winning film "The Distant Barking of Dogs", by Simon Lereng Wilmond.

Wednesday, October 10 at 20:30,after handing over the journalistic award to Carla Agustoni organized by AMCA, followed the screening of the film "The Distant Barking of Dogs" and an in-depth discussion entitled "Ukraine. War through the eyes of children ".

Roberto Antonini, journalist of the RSI, was moderating the discussion and Emanuele Valenti, journalist, and Marco Loiodice, Head of Emergency Education and Child Protections Programs of the COOPI network.

Currently COOPI Suisse is supporting a multiple year project in Education in Emergencies in Iraq under the supervision and coordination of Marco Loiodice.

The armed conflicts of 2014-15 in Ukraine, lived and told by the innocent souls of two children, Oleg and Yarik that, despite the risk and constant danger marked by the noise (sometimes far, sometimes very close) of the bombing and the shooting of the military, remain with their grandmother, anchored to their home, in a village on the border between Russia and Ukraine.

A film that seems to stop at any moment - just like the lives of the two young protagonists - and which instead proceeds undauntedly, past fear and terror thanks to the power of some basic human values, such as friendship, the importance of the comfort of one's own family, and boundless love (the grandmother is an extraordinary woman!).

The last part of the film, a "game with guns", offers a reflection on the consequences that affect young people, who are personally experiencing long periods of anxiety, fear and insecurity.

This is a movie that is able to convey the heartbeat of children's lives in appalling conditions with disarming authenticity and poetry.

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