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After having contributed to the construction and rehabilitation of various water points in the driest areas of Ethiopia, in 2019, the AIL ("Industrial Companies of Lugano") supported a water intervention in Sudan.

This new intervention regards the rehabilitation of an HAFFIR, a sort of artificial pond, in which the flowing surface water is converged during the rainy season in order to be stored and used during the dry season.

The state of Northern Darfur is one of five states that make up the region of Darfur (Sudan). This area suffers from high poverty rates, of up to 40%. In terms of water, in Darfur's rural areas, people have access to less than 15 liters of water per day.

The project aims to improve access to clean water - in quantity and quality - for the population of Um Keddada. This is done through the rehabilitation of a haffir located in the town itself, and by strengthening the community's ability in managing their water resources through trainings and educational activities.

The beneficiaries are 597 families, or 3,582 people from 11 villages in the area of Um Keddada, about 7,000 farm animals (cattle, goats, sheep and camels), and 10 members of the Management Committee of the haffir.

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