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To make a donation for a cause you believe in contains various meanings: it means understanding the needs of others and deciding to help, it means believing that a small gesture is actually a great gesture because it is the difference between "nothing" and " something ", it expresses the belief that one's gesture, together with those of others, will bring about change. Thanks to a single donation to COOPI Suisse, the virtuous cycle of solidarity towards the poor in the south of the world is supported and encouraged.

We strongly believe in relationships of trust, especially because they determine the choices made, that give hope and a future to those who do not have one. A relationship of trust is based both on the concreteness and professionalism with which we carry out our projects and on the transparency with which we use the funds of our supporters.

Stay with us on a regular basis: Being on our side with regularity means allowing us to carefully plan our activities and have a more effective impact on improving the lives of entire communities. It is a way to be a concrete and active part of our organization that will allow us to achieve tangible and challenging goals for a solid and lasting development over time.

COOPI Suisse was established in Lugano on 3 May 2012: from that day on its story began, initially taking part in activities in the Ticino area, connecting and making relationships, meeting children and teachers. We then started our first fundraising campaigns, for the first projects we started to support abroad.

Year after year the association has contributed to the world of international cooperation and development, humanitarian aid and dvelopment education, with enthusiasm, spirit of initiative and will.

Everyone who wants to be part of this experience by becoming a member helps COOPI Suisse’s progress in granting assistance and support to people in extreme difficulty and create awareness at home.

Participate actively in our awareness and fundraising campaigns: you will be personally involved in spreading important issues and values ​​and will contribute effectively to the implementation of our projects.

We need people like you to build a better world together! Interested in COOPI Suisse's activities? You want to help us make them real?

Come and visit us or contact us at suisse@coopi.org

To make a testamentary bequest to COOPI Suisse is an act of love and a precious gift for those who receive it as well as for those who donate it. With a generous and selfless choice like this, it is possible to change the fate of the most fragile, projecting one's own values into the future and guaranteeing continuity to the ideals and feelings matured in the course of one's life.

Every single legacy strengthens and makes COOPI Suisse's commitment more concrete in the countries in which it operates. Thousands of people will have new possibilities for themselves and their children. Supporting COOPI Suisse means to be present where there is joy, where hope is reborn and where every life has more dignity.

"We are like a drop of water and where it falls a plant will grow, which one day can become a tree, many nearby growing plants will decrease the desert of poverty", Father Barbieri