We extend our concrete commitment to developing countries

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Soon, COOPI Suisse will be involved in the communication campaign directly in the Ticino Canton area.

Childhood has always been a focus topic for COOPI, since it represents a consistent side of COOPI’s mission toward equality, progress, social cohesion and balance among different areas in the world. Our interventions aim to guarantee the rights of children.

Particularly, we concentrate on children and teenager wellness (health, nutrition, drinkable water); education (formal, informal and professional) and protection, specifically in armed conflict (“soldier children”, abused children) and vulnerable conditions.

In every children-related intervention, COOPI is inspired by the United Nations Conventions on the Rights of the Child, CRC, and by its optional protocols, that COOPI uses as a working framework.

COOPI Suisse is aiming to realize:

  • projects against malnutrition in Chad, Mali, Nigeria, Congo Democratic Republic
  • protection projects for children and teenagers victims of violence and child labor in Chad, Congo Democratic Republic, Centre-Africa Republic, Libanon, Palestin, Niger, Nigeria, Somalia, Sudam, Sierra Leone