Progetto Iraq 2018 1
  Between 2017-2018, in the sub-district of Qayyara, the COOPI Foundation guaranteed educational support to 1.200 children by installing emergency schools and by distributing school material. The success of this initiative urged COOPI Suisse to join the project of the COOPI Foundation, who decided to continue its work of facilitating education […]

Iraq Project 2018

Training and cultural development in Haiti     The project of COOPI Suisse and Foundation Alta Mane is part of a broader cultural development program that COOPI is implementing in Haiti with the partial support of the European Culture Program. The contribution of Foundation Alta Mane is mainly directed at […]

Haiti Project 2017

Progetto Etiopia 2017 1
Reducing the consequences of drought caused by the El Nino phenomenon in the Afar region in Ethiopia         The Erebti area, located in Zone 2 of the Afar region, northeast of Ethiopia, is one of the most remote and poorest areas in the country and has been […]

Ethiopia (Afar) Project 2017

Progetto Ciad 2017
Chad Project 2017 Promoting alimentary and nutritional safety in Chad: supporting local communities in the region of Hadjer Lamis   Republic of Chad, Hadjer-Lamis region, Dagana department, three prefectures (Rural Massakory, Tourba and Karal), five cantons (Kanembou, Haddad, Kamiroum, Diaou and Karal), for a population of 241.448 (SISAAP 2015) – […]

Chad Project 2017

Progetto Somalia 2017 1
Warning of famine: we help Somali children   The project takes place in the central-southern part of Somalia, more precisely in the Bay and Gedo regions, in the illages of Baifoa, Dollow and Luuq.   Somalia is experiencing a major humanitarian crisis due to the acute drought caused by El […]

Somalia Project 2017

Reconstruction of primary school in Ngaoundaye Central African Republic, prefecture of Ouham pendè, under prefecture of Ngaoundaye Direct Recipients: 668 children (337 males and 331 females) attending Ngaoundaye school (aged between 6 and 11) During the crisis of these last 3 years, all existing school services have being destroyed and the […]

Central African Republic 2016

Progetto Ciad 2017
Support to production chain of peanuts and sesame Chad Republic, Sila Region, Mouro Canton, Habile Wara Canton Despite the strong Chad agricultural potential, the 21% of its population suffer of temporary or chronic food uncertainty. The project for supporting a production chain of peanuts and sesame has its objective in […]

Chad Project 2015

Syrian Refugees’ Support in Lebanon Beneficiary: over 37.000 Syrian refugees escaping from the conflict. The refugees in Lebanon, about 1.200.000 registered and censured by UNHCR, are distributed internally in the Lebanese territory, with largest concentrations of recorded refugees in Bekaa Valley (38%) and in the north of Lebanon (27%). The […]

Lebanon Project 2014

Progetto Ciad 2017
Child Protection & Childhood Rights in Chad City of Ndjamena, Chad Republic Local Partner: FAFED – Fondation d’Amour pour la Formation des Enfants en Détresse, Active ONG since 1995 The difficult context, the complex political situation and the low economic growth make childhood one of the most vulnerable categories, whose […]

Chad Project 2013