World Peace Forum 2018

The World Peace Forum is an annual event which unites various associations from Ticino, bringing education and raising awareness among students from different schools and of different ages.

For a whole day children and teenagers participate in various workshops at the Palazzo dei Congressi in Lugano, each held by an association according to its ideals and direction. All interventions are united by a single theme of reference, which this year was "Pace e tutela delle persone e dell'ambiente".

In order to develop a certain responsibility and awareness among children, COOPI Suisse takes part at the event by sharing its experience as an association engaged in development assistance and humanitarian aid activities.

Quest’anno abbiamo parlato di "tutela delle persone" raccontando dei nostri progetti di Education in Emergencies projects: we help children to return to school or stay in school despite living in war-torn environments. We wanted to create a tangible connection between the students and the beneficiaries of our project, in this case the children of Mosul in Iraq, who have returned to school only some time ago because of long periods of violence caused by ISIS.

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