Chain production of peanuts and sesame seeds in Chad

The Republic of Chad, region of Sila, canton of Mouro, canton of Habile Wara.

Despite Chad's strong agricultural potential, 21% of the population suffers from temporary or chronic food insecurity. The project to support a peanut and sesame chain production was aimed to increase the standard of life and food security of the population of the Sila region in East Chad. These two crops were chosen because of their strong economic potential on the local market.

The target of the project was to support this chain production by strengthening the farmer groups, giving particular attention to women and young people, promoting income-generating activities in the production, processing, distribution and marketing of products.

With the funds of COOPI Suisse, a contribution was made to the construction of two multi-service centers, in Kerfi in the canton of Mouro and another one in Goz Beida in the canton of Habile Wara. These are places for the storage, processing, sale and collection of the various producers of the supply chains. The centers are equipped with machines for processing the peanuts.

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