Child Project Supporter

Supporters of the Child Project bring food, medicines, education and protection. Thank you for protecting children where there is hunger, war and violence
In the poorest countries and those torn apart by conflicts, children are the main victims: some of them suffer from malnutrition due to the lack of food and water, others have suffered violence or were forced to fight, tiny refugees fleeing from war and giving up their lives as children. Thanks to the Supporters of the Child Project, many young beneficiaries receive appropriate care to recover from malnutrition, others were able to forget the traumas and start a new life and children fleeing from war find a safe place to grow and stay at school.
We have important goals:
Within one year we want to guarantee protection and education to 3,700 children in emergency situations, building classrooms supplied with school equipment and we want to take care of 5,000 children between 0 and 5 years old suffering from malnutrition.

I go to school thanks to COOPI

"I don't have a house, I live in an abandoned mall. But I go to school because COOPI helps my family. I'm glad to go there because I learn many things and then, together with my classmates, the day flies by". Hana is now 8 years old but when she left Edleb in Syria, and arrived in Lebanon she was only three years old.

Chege's healing
"When we found Chege in his village, the situation was dramatic - the baby was dying. To see his curious and watchful eyes today, measure his arm and know that he is no longer in danger is an amazing experience, but it is also evidence of the concreteness and the skills of COOPI", Joseph, Project Manager in Mali

Your support is changing the story of a child:
  • that suffers from malnutrition- thanks to you a child is accompanied to one of the health centers where he/she receives care and therapeutic food
  • that can't go to school - you offer a child who lives where schools have been destroyed by war the opportunity to return to study
  • who has suffered violence - you ensure medical care and psychological support to overcome the trauma and its reintegration into the community
  • fleeing the war - you offer accommodation, food and hygiene kits, medicines and support family reunifications for a gradual resumption to normality
Make your monthly donation now

With 360 CHF

you save a child from malnutrition, providing care, therapeutic food and education for the mothers to help them recognise the symptoms and prevent malnutrition timely

With 240 CHF

you contribute to building water wells in villages affected by severe drought

With 120 CHF

you offer farmers seeds and water pumps for irrigation
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