Friends of COOPI Suisse

The Friends of COOPI Suisse change stories: they provide food, water, security and education

Millions of people worldwide are living in critical conditions: women, men and children who struggle every day to survive wars, natural disasters and exploitation - with no access to medical care, water, food or education.Thanks to the Friends of COOPI Suisse children who suffer from malnutrition receive proper care, local communities have access to water for drinking and farming, men and women learn innovative techniques for agriculture and livestock, and children living in emergency contexts can finally go to school. Thank you for being on the side of the weak and vulnerable, where there is war, famine, injustice and poverty.

2019 GOALS:

This year we want to ensure food supplies to 3,600 people and we intend to provide water and sanitation to 3,500 men, women and children.

My children feel better
"As soon as we arrived here, our children continued to see everything they had experienced during the attacks of Boko Haram. Then I sent them to COOPI's psychosocial assistance center where they followed the recreational and support activities. Slowly they are overcoming their trauma and getting better". Kari lives with her two children in a refugee camp in Niger.

Today we have clean water
"Until recently, we used to drink dirty water and becoming sick was normal. Now that the water is available, there is nobody in my village that cannot fix a well". In Abu Dam (Northern Darfur), King Jaffer, the village chief, made sure that the water supply would become a task even for men, not just for women.

Your support changes stories...

  • in drought-stricken villages: you help to build wells and pipes for water distribution, even in the most remote villages
  • for children suffering from malnutrition: you provide care, medicines, therapeutic food to children and education for mothers
  • in communities that do not have access to food: you support the distribution of food, seeds and tools as well as training sessions for farmers
  • children who struggle to study: you contribute to the construction of classrooms, training of teachers and the distribution of school supplies in countries affected by war and violence
Make your monthly donation now

With 360 CHF

you save a child from malnutrition, providing care, therapeutic food and education for the mothers to help them recognise the symptoms and prevent malnutrition timely

With 240 CHF

you contribute to building water wells in villages affected by severe drought

With 120 CHF

you offer farmers seeds and water pumps for irrigation
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