With 3 chf per month you bring relaxation, food and safety to children of Sila.

Sila is a region in Chad where farming is the main source of income for the families and where the future of the children depends on the welfare of the animals. We want to build two vaccination centers for cattle, where we give the region's inhabitants the capacity to support themselves and take care of their children.

This project saves entire families from starvation. In a region where 4 out of 10 people live off farming, an unvaccinated animal that is likely to become sick and die means poverty and destitution.Often the only resources a family has are a couple of goats.

We have met these families. They have worked with animals for generations and to see an animal die, is like losing a family member. They know that without that goat they will have no milk for their children, that their future depends on the welfare of their animals.

A small donation can still help us make it. If we are in many, it is possible.

With only 3 CHF per month you can participate in this important project, and let the families of Sila feel that we're not leaving them alone!

To join, simply download, fill in and send us back the online form. In this way we enable the direct debit procedure and withdraw 36 Francs from your account every year, once a year and support the project in Sila.

Thank you!

Make your monthly donation now

With 360 CHF

you save a child from malnutrition, providing care, therapeutic food and education for the mothers to help them recognise the symptoms and prevent malnutrition timely

With 240 CHF

you contribute to building water wells in villages affected by severe drought

With 120 CHF

you offer farmers seeds and water pumps for irrigation
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