Development Programs

In coordination with the COOPI network, COOPI Suisse participates in programs of support to local development through decentralized offices in Africa, Latin America and Middle East, using the expertise of local professionals and expatriates, the partnership with public and private entities, the strong partnership with local civil society.

humanitarian emergencies

Faced with a humanitarian emergency, the experience and the ability to find innovative solutions enable network COOPI to cope efficiently the immediate needs of the population. In particular, in the Middle East, torn from the Syrian crisis, and in the Lake Chad region, affected by the violence of Boko Haram, the COOPI network carries out an intervention model, not just locally, but multi-country, which allows to respond in a more coordinated and timely to the needs of displaced and refugee communities.

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  • Grazie AIL!

    Grazie AIL!

    After contributing to the construction and rehabilitation of various water points in the most arid areas of Ethiopia,

  • Thanks Ticino!

    Thanks Ticino!

    The beginning of the year opened with the approval of the Ticino Canton in the project

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    With 3 chf per month you guarantee wellbeing, food and security to the children of the Sila region

  • Friends of COOPI Suisse

    Friends of COOPI Suisse

    The Friends of COOPI Suisse change stories: they bring food, water, security and education Thanks

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