COOPI Suisse considers the awareness and the development of awareness of the issues of development aid and humanitarian aid as a key part of its business.

To understand

Dissemination of important issues and values ​​through events and conferences

To know

To promote the culture of solidarity in schools; since they are very young to show great curiosity and remarkable sensitivity to inequality, injustice and injury to human dignity.

To involve

Exchange and growth where organizations, cultures, worlds and different stories meet.

To build

Our contribution in the area, collaborating and creating synergies.

Latest news
  • Grazie AIL!

    Grazie AIL!

    After contributing to the construction and rehabilitation of various water points in the most arid areas of Ethiopia,

  • Thanks Ticino!

    Thanks Ticino!

    The beginning of the year opened with the approval of the Ticino Canton in the project

Recent campaigns


    With 3 chf per month you guarantee wellbeing, food and security to the children of the Sila region

  • Friends of COOPI Suisse

    Friends of COOPI Suisse

    The Friends of COOPI Suisse change stories: they bring food, water, security and education Thanks

Latest on education
  • World Peace Forum 2018

    World Peace Forum 2018

    The World Peace Forum is an annual event which brings together various associations

  • USI Career Night 2017

    USI Career Night 2017

    COOPI Suisse actively participated in the White Night of Carriere, an event organized by the Career Service of the University of

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We improve the world together!