Let’s change history

Friends of little warriors
Thanks to the supporters of the Children Project, many little recipients receive care against malnutrition and psychological support to forget the traumas experiences. They can start a new life made of affection and education. Children who flew from the war find a safe place to grow up with their family.

Friends of little warriors

Amici di COOPI Suisse
Thanks to the Friends of COOPI Suisse, local communities have access to drinkable water and irrigation. The populations affected by natural disasters are able to face emergencies. Women and men learned innovative techniques for cultivation and farming.

Friends of Coopi Suisse

Un altra volta #cambiamostoria
  COOPI Suisse: add us to your friends! To provide access to education to 80.000 children in situations of emergency; reunite 300 of these with their families which they lost due to the involvement of armed groups; save 100.000 between 0 to 5 years – from malnutrition; to protect 26.000 […]

And once again, #wechangehistory