Photo: UNHCR   On the 22nd of May, Lugano welcomed a first-class guest. During the evening organized by the Swiss Radio-Television of Italian language (RSI),  the High Commissioner of the UNHCR Filippo Grandi spoke in fact about the most serious current humanitarian crises and presented his latest book, “Refuges and returns” […]

Humanitarian emergencies: Filippo Grandi in Lugano

  When seeing this report I was struck by how the words spoken by a Nigerien mother can assimilate to those of a mother from here, in Ticino, despite hundreds of miles away and the totally different conditions of life: “my youngest children go to school because I do not […]

“For my children, school is like a second mother”

                   Photo: Archivio COOPI   “Everything has changed. All this green was not here before. Until recently there was only sand”. Abbakr Abbami smiles proudly. With one hand he holds his hoe, with the other he points out to the field in […]

With the growing green, suffering turns into hope

To build a peaceful future   Unfortunately, COOPI has seen many wars.   From Somalia to the massacres in Rwanda, the never ending war in Congo, in the Balkans, to the Middle East: COOPI operators have been subject to incredible situations side by side of the most exposed populations. Therefore, we […]

    Would you like to get to know the children who struggle to study in the most difficult conditions, which we call, our warriors? Our warriors are children who have escaped wars. They are strong, courageous, resistant and challenge dangers in order to be part of everyday activities.   […]

COOPI’s new campaign: help a warrior!

  Another event, another opportunity to spread the work of the international cooperation of COOPI Suisse. This time we are talking about an event organized by USI – Università della Svizzera Italiana – which intends to create an occasion where undergraduate and postgraduate students have the possibility to participate at […]

USI Long Night of Careers 2017

  What is a human right? And what does it mean to have ones human rights denied? These warm-up questions were posed to the studentsduring the seventh edition of the World Peace Forum, organized by the Associazione Culture Ticino Network at the Palazzo dei Congressi in Lugano, on 13.11.2017.   […]

7th World Peace Forum @ Palazzo dei Congressi, Lugano

Photo: COOPI Archive   Mboneza’s parents arrive in Kishusha (Democratic Republic of Congo), escaping from the anti-hutu violence of Raia Mutomboki. Mboneza arrives with them at Buporo – a camp for displaced people – after having spent most of her 20 years escaping. It’s ironic, because she can’t even stand on […]

The hunger that is inherited

                          Photo: Archivio COOPI     8th of September – International Literacy Day In 2014, 263 million children didn’t attend school; in conflicting countries 50 % of children have no access to education   Literacy is understood as […]

Press Release: Education in emergencies

  APPOINTMENT TRASGUARDI – The world in a park   COOPI will be present also this year at TraSguardi, an event of local and international solidarity, of knowledge and intercultural exchange. TraSguardi is a day made to explore the activities and projects of around 50 local and international associations, non-governative […]

TraSguardi – the world in a park

  You’re about to buy something online? Use HelpFreely, an easy and innovative way to help raise funds in favor of COOPI. By using the platform HelpFreely you can make a free donation every time you go online shopping. It has never been this easy to give your contribution! Install […]

HelpFreely: donate for free

Orlando Bloom visits COOPI's beneficiaries
  In late February, the English actor Orlando Bloom, Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF, carried out a mission in the Diffa region, in the South-East of Niger, to raise awareness regarding the humanitarian crisis at the base of Lake Chad, where violence spread by Boko Haram has caused massive displacements of the […]

Orlando Bloom visits COOPI’s beneficiaries

Progetto Iraq 2018 1
  Between 2017-2018, in the sub-district of Qayyara, the COOPI Foundation guaranteed educational support to 1.200 children by installing emergency schools and by distributing school material. The success of this initiative urged COOPI Suisse to join the project of the COOPI Foundation, who decided to continue its work of facilitating education […]

Iraq Project 2018

Obo: quando le storie finiscono bene
Photo : Archivio COOPI     Kenneth MBOLI is 16 years old, and a south Sudanese refugee who lives in the area of Obo. He benefits from the support that COOPI supplies through its project, in favour of the most vulnerable people in the Haut Mbomou region, in the Central African […]

Obo: when stories end well

Friends of little warriors
  In a few days COOPI Suisse launches its annual fundraising and awareness campaign. Soon you will see our collaborators on the streets of Ticino looking for new supporters who help to carry out our projects in the poorest countries in the world and to be on the side of […]

COOPI Suisse is back on the streets

Friends of little warriors
Thanks to the supporters of the Children Project, many little recipients receive care against malnutrition and psychological support to forget the traumas experiences. They can start a new life made of affection and education. Children who flew from the war find a safe place to grow up with their family.

Friends of little warriors

Amici di COOPI Suisse
Thanks to the Friends of COOPI Suisse, local communities have access to drinkable water and irrigation. The populations affected by natural disasters are able to face emergencies. Women and men learned innovative techniques for cultivation and farming.

Friends of Coopi Suisse