A Visible Commitment



COOPI Suisse is formed by people who have developed useful knowledge to work in development and humanitarian issues, who contribute with their expertise to raise awareness in Switzerland and to implement projects in developing countries.

In the assembly, in the committee, among volunteers, in the staff of COOPI Suisse there are persons who, for various reasons, have experienced the complex world of cooperation, they are active persons in the organisation of awareness and educational activities, and have worked for short or long periods in developing countries or in the management of projects.

COOPI Suisse has developed an area dedicated to activities in Switzerland, a communication and fund raising area, a project management area for activities implemented by local staff in collaboration with local partners, COOPI international network and institutional donors.

Thanks to its membership to the COOPI international network, COOPI Suisse can count on key expertise to assure the best use of resources at its disposal: research and programs office, Plans and project office, quality and control office, training and human resource office, communication and fund raising office.