Commitment and professionality

Carla Ricci


When in 2012 COOPI Suisse Committee asked me to take up the presidency of the association I accepted with enthusiasm. I’ve tried to contribute with my past experiences both as company executive and as COOPI manager in Italy and abroad. In my work I’ve always been convinced I could collaborate to build a better society, with lots of enthusiasm, determination and professionalism.


Anna Bonaldi

Promotion and Development Manager

I’ve always had the desire to work for helping people in need in contexts of extreme poverty. For this reason I graduated in Political Science, international field, I took a specialisation decree in the charity sector, a specialisation degree in Diplomatic and international careers. I’ve always worked for NGOs: 8 year as regional desk in the project department, 2 years as Director, 7 years as Communication and Fund Raising Directors. Singe 2015 I work for COOPI Suisse. I appreciate to be engaged alongside COOPI Suisse for the seriousness and uprightness that characterize it.

Leonie Hipkins

Promotion and Development Assistant

Discovering new countries, cultures and customs together with my first experiences as a volunteer in different settings mark the impetus for my wish to pursue a career within the field of humanitarian engagement. My studies in Social and Cultural Psychology have given me a theoretical insight into the ways in which culture and society shape how people think, behave and relate to one another. Thus, for successful humanitarian undertakings to take place it seems indispensable to understand the relationship between culture and mind. With this consideration at the forefront of my approach, I wish to employ the knowledge I have gained in such a way as to benefit those most in need who are afflicted by disadvantaged circumstances brought about by violence, poverty, disaster and ignorance, to mention but a few of the causes.

Stefano Oltolini

Foundation Partnership Manager

I have been dealing with COOPI, international cooperation, since 1998, combining professionalism and determination for the interest of the common good and the resolution of problems, even the most complex. I graduated in Political Sciences – International Relations and started my career as a desk officer in an Italian NGO following projects in Albania, Bosnia and Romania. Subsequently, I started to direct the initiation and development of a office of coordination regarding developmental projects of a religious congregation working in 50 countries. As a planning and capacity-builder expert for local organizations, I followed the start-up of local organizations and the implementation of projects in different countries in every continent, particularly in Asia and in Latin America. Within these years I underwent a formation as a Institutional Fundraiser, thereby developing relationships with public and private foundations in Italy and Europe. From 2005 to 2015 I worked as the Head of Programs Abroad at a foundation in Milan specialized in promgrams of early childhood, in over 30 countries. Since December 2015 I have been part of COOPI, following the strategic relationship with foundations and companies in Switzerland, Italy, the EU and the US.

Laura Francioli

Treasurer COOPI Suisse

I got to know COOPI in 2011, after  working several years for some large organizations as part of face to face campaigns. COOPI immediately appreciated my seriousness and dedication to the cause, which are common characteristics for people who work with NGOs. I collaborated with Carla Ricci and some volunteers in opening and structuring the Swiss branch of COOPI, first as Developmental manager and then as Co-manager, until 2015.

Currently I work in the field of human rights, however, I continue to collaborate with COOPI Suisse as a committee member.

Barbara Nese

Project Manager

“Development Cooperation has always been my passion. After graduating in Comparative Languages ​​and Literatures and receiving a Master in Economic Development Cooperation, in 2001 I started to work at the Investigations & Technology Promotion Office Italy for the United Nations Agency for Industrial Development (UNIDO). Throughout different periods I worked there for 5 years and supported the development of production chains in Tunisia, Morocco, Serbia and several sub-Saharan African countries. In 2004-2005, I was introduced to COOPI – Cooperazione Internazionale, where I worked as the Mission Coordinator in the Central African Republic and in 2006 continued as the project leader in Senegal in support of its migration phenomenon. Since 2008 I work for COOPI’s Italian headquarters where I have covered several positions. At present, I coordinate the Innovation and Quality of Programs that provides support to institutional funders as well as to the technical management of programs in different countries. In addition, as a global food safety advisor, I represent COOPI at the global Food Security Cluster and have the privilege to work on the subject matter of food access for people affected by the crises. “