About us

We work in the Cooperation field
with Passion and Competence

COOPI Suisse is a non-profit humanitarian association, local and independent. It was founded on the 3rd of May 2012 in Lugano according to the Swiss Civil Code and it was officially recognised in December 2012 as a public service. COOPI Suisse aims at breaking the cycle of poverty and supporting populations affected by wars, violence, socio-economic crises or disasters in order to encourage resilience and sustainable development by making use of professionalism of local and international operators and in partnership with public, private and civil society bodies.

50 Years Together: The COOPI commitment

Our engagement is rooted and developed through the promotion of international solidarity and humanitarian values in Switzerland.

COOPI Suisse was born thanks to the active engagement and strong motivation of some residents in Ticino, who developed a relationship with the organization through COOPI in Italy. COOPI Suisse operates autonomously in Switzerland for the development and implementation of campaigns. We raise awareness and collect funds to support COOPI projects in the world, through relations with different stakeholders, such as supporters, activists and civil society, considering institutional relations with main international cooperation organizations in Switzerland.