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Progetto Iraq 2018


Between 2017-2018, in the sub-district of Qayyara, the COOPI Foundation guaranteed educational support to 1.200 children by installing emergency schools and by distributing school material. The success of this initiative urged COOPI Suisse to join the project of the COOPI Foundation, who decided to continue its work of facilitating education for new students, still forced out of school due to the conflict.


The project intends to intervene in the same district of Mosul, to install other container schools and facilitate their operation. In fact, there are still several hundreds of children in the area who have not been able to benefit from the return to school, as the process of rehabilitation and reconstruction of the previously existing schools is still rather long and complicated.


As for the previous project, the new schools, equipped with a sufficient number of classrooms to accommodate students of the area, will also be provided with adequate sanitary facilities. All the necessary school supplies will be distributed, as for the previous project: desks, chairs, blackboards and anything else that will be necessary when returning to a standard schooling scheme.


To ensure a broad impact of the intervention, COOPI and COOPI Suisse intend to extend the project to two other schools in the western part of the city of Mosul, installing 4 additional classrooms: the schools that the partners have rehabilitated in Mosul are still not enough to cover the needs, in fact they are overcrowded by the number of students present (each school works at least on two shifts, some even on three).


COOPI and COOPI Suisse also want to amplify the success of the previous project, especially the one with recreational activities for students. It is therefore proposed, within the rehabilitation / installation of the new educational spaces, the construction of areas for recreational activities, which complement the ongoing activities in the previous project under mobile tents; these activities will favor psychological support to relief from trauma and social inclusion.


Furthermore, all the schools supported will be equipped with the necessary school materials to carry out the educational activities (stationery for the students and the schools, educational support for the teachers) – a module specifically taken over by COOPI Suisse -, and the teachers will be trained on how to perform best the recreational activities, and thus help the students to fully participate in school.


Considering also the shortages in the water and sanitation services that are still found throughout the District, a consequence of the protracted conflict of more than three years, COOPI and COOPI Suisse have proposed to put special emphasis on the importance of good hygiene practices, personal hygiene, correct water usage, just like in the previous intervention.


Direct beneficiaries of the project

3.750 children, 50 teachers


Indirect beneficiaries of the project

Families of children, or 22.500 people



The budget amounts to 61.215,00 USD, financed by a private donor



1 June 2018 – 31 March 2019

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