COOPI Suisse is back on the streets


In a few days COOPI Suisse launches its annual fundraising and awareness campaign. Soon you will see our collaborators on the streets of Ticino looking for new supporters who help to carry out our projects in the poorest countries in the world and to be on the side of the weakest populations.

Let us remember that there are millions of people in the world who live in critical conditions: women, men and children who struggle every day to survive, thousands of children who cannot go to school because they live in emergency situations.

The support of our donors changes the story of:


– Children struggling to study

– Children suffering from malnutrition

– Villages affected by drought

– Communities that do not have access to food 


Are you interested in becoming a supporter of COOPI Suisse? Write to us at If you do not have the chance to become our supporter, help us spread the word – it’s free! You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and Instagram. You can turn the news of the campaign between your friends.


Help us to support our projects, donate now!

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