Friends of little warriors

From the 7th of June 2018, COOPI Suisse is engaged in a direct dialog campaign in the Canton of Ticino

Supporters of the “Friends of little warriors” Project bring books, teachers and schools to children to protect their present and their future

Thank you for protecting children affected by wars, violence and exploitation

In sub-Saharan Africa and in the Middle East the most serious humanitarian crises are underway. Millions of children do not have the possibility to go to school. An entire generation risks growing-up without certainties or skills, without a cultural or professional background.

Thanks to the supporters of the project “Friends of little warriors”, we can guarantee many little beneficiaries a proper education and therefore hope for a better future, in a setting where they can take lessons but can also carry out educational and sport activities that help to reduce the psychological impact of the conflict, thereby strengthening their sense of stability and routine. Furthermore, a point of entry to the most basic services is set, meeting medical, hygiene and sanitary, nutritional and psycho-social needs of students, teachers and families.

Through the installation of temporary schools in containers equipped with blackboards and desks or tents with doors and windows, school kits and trained teachers, we want to ensure education to 4.200 children in Niger and Iraq.


Would you like to be part of this campaign and change the future of thousands of children?Download and complete the application form and send it back to us at


How we use your contribution:


we create temporary schools

Thanks to you, children can go back to school and continue their education. 

we train and support teachers and mentors

Thanks to your contribution we can ensure appropriate training which focuses on issues regarding protection and psycho-social support as well as school shifts with salaried staff prepared to provide quality education.

we supply educational and recreational material

You help us to provide books and school kits containing notebooks, pens, pencils and the necessary educational material.

we protect children from potential risks of abuse and violation of human rights 

You offer the opportunity to study in a safe setting and live in dignified conditions, far from the many threats present in this emergency context.

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