COOPI’s new campaign: help a warrior!



Would you like to get to know the children who struggle to study in the most difficult conditions, which we call, our warriors? Our warriors are children who have escaped wars. They are strong, courageous, resistant and challenge dangers in order to be part of everyday activities.


They live in Africa and in the Middle East:


Yasmeen, 9 years, from Lebanon

She lives in an abandoned shopping center in Lebanon after being forced to leave the house where she lived with her family in Syria.







Aamir, 12 years, from Iraq

He lives in Iraq. To go to school he must cross streets full of rubble along with mines which are still to explode.







Fatimah, 10 years, from Niger

She lives in a precarious settlement in Niger after having escaped from Nigeria where her village was attacked by the Boko Haram militia.





 The story of Sekina, a refugee in Niger:

My name is Sekina Isaka, I’m 12 years old and I come from Kangaruwa. Me, my mother and my brothers escaped when the Boko Haram militia raided our village killing many people. We walked by foot for 500 km, however, in the meantime, another attack occurred and we had to walk for another week. We were hungry and thirsty, dead bodies were scattered along the street  and many desperate people sitting in the shadows of the trees. After many days of walking we reached a refugee camp where my brothers and I started going to school. I like going there, I find it very interesting and I’m very happy to learn how to read and write. School is very important because the people who attacked our village are people who have never been to school, if they had been at school they would never have done so. When I grow up I want to teach children to read and write because school is essential for living well and peacefully. 







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