We continue to fight the drought in Ethiopia with the municipality of Collina d’Oro

                                               Photo: ArchivE COOPI


About a year ago, the Aziende Industriali di Lugano (AIL) decided to contribute to the financing of one of our projects in Ethiopia, remember?

The good news today is that not only them, but also the Municipality of Collina d’Oro has decided to participate in the “Centesimo di solidarietà” campaign and to allocate its contribution to COOPI Suisse’s project in Ethiopia.

Thanks to the AIL and the Municipality of Collina d’Oro we have been able to build three wells which satisfy 1.500 beneficiaries with drinking water as well as 7.500 potential users in the surrounding areas. The people that live in this region continue to be subject to the consequences of the meteorological phenomenon “El Nino”, which caused “the greatest drought in the last 30 years” in all of Eastern and Southern Africa. The high level of malnutrition among the 2,5 million people, of which more than 450.000 suffer from severe malnutrition, reflect the strong impacts of this humanitarian crisis. 5.6 million farmers are in need due to the difficulty in growing crops while 5.8 million people struggle to access water.


To know more about the technical details of the project in general, please click here


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