COOPI Suisse at the Film Festival of Human Rights Lugano 2017


Photo: FFDUL 2017 Gallery

IV Edition of the Film Festival of Human Rights of Lugano


He was arrested more than fifty times, and has attempted several times to escape from the Gaza Strip – his home country – through underground tunnels leading to Egypt. He was the father of a beautiful child for only some months, when being in exile in Europe. We are talking about Mohammed Matter, a Palestinian activist who participated at COOPI Suisse ‘s in-depth discussion at the IVth edition of the Film Festival of Human Rights in Lugano. The event is mainly aimed at the students of the area in Ticino and intends to be a moment of reflection inspired after having viewed a documentary; this year, the “Gaza Surf Club”.


Even in the Gaza Strip, “the largest open-air prison in the world,” the spirit can be free. And the most free spirits of all are the surfers of Gaza: a group of irreducible people who have found a way to give meaning and direction to life and seek their own freedom among the waves of the sea, the borders of their prison. Ibrahim should become a fisherman, but he dreams of an American visa in order to pursue his passion in Hawaii. Sabah, having reached puberty, has to wear the hijab and leave by side swimsuits and surfing, but she does not give up. Through their stories and their eyes, this movie full of energy and hope opens the doors to the possibility of a somewhere else, even in the midst of war, violence and uncertainty. ”


The debate was moderated by Isabella Sama, Head of Institutional Communication and Press Area of the COOPI Foundation; Uberto Pedeferri, Area Manager of the COOPI Foundation, Raffaella Chiodo Karpinsky, International Department, Cooperation, Interculturality of UISP (Union of Italian Sport for Everyone) and Mohammed Matter, founder of GYBO (Gaza Youth Breaks Out) participated as spokespeople.

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