The man who repairs women


Here is the testimony of a woman whose 6-year-old daughter, a victim of sexual abuse, has been cured by Dr. Mukwege of the Panzi Hospital, commonly called “the man who repairs women”.


The violence she suffered was too serious


“My 6 year old daughter was raped by an adult to the point of having a very complex injury at her intimate organs. Urine and stool passed from there. I witnessed the awareness raising COOPI campaign that suggests victims of sexual violence to consult directly health centers they support and where medical care is provided free of charge. So I brought my baby to one of these health centers.  The doctor who visited the girl had informed me that the case was very serious and that there was nothing that could be done for her. It was then that a COOPI agent gave me a transfer ticket to the General Hospital of Kirotshe to consult a specialist. In turn, the specialist decided to transfer my baby daughter to another province (South Kivu) in order to receive proper caring at the Panzi Hospital. Our boat trip from North Kivu (Kirotshe – Goma) to South Kivu (Bukavu) was organized by COOPI and one of the agent’s escorted us to the Panzi Hospital.


The man who repairs women


At the hospital of Panzi a very kind doctor received us and assured me that my little girl would be supervised by the best specialist, who’d help to tackle her problem of loss of speech, as well as, loss of happiness caused by the terrible act of violence. I couldn’t be persuaded by the doctor’s promise, but when I heard that the doctor who would take care of my daughter was Dr. Mukwege – even famous in my village – I really began to hope and believe in my daughter’s healing.


My daughter was operated and taken care of by Dr. Mukwege until dismissal, about two months later. Panzi’s hospital environment was ideal for children who had experienced forms of violence: doctors were always playing with my child in the designated play areas. It’s where she started to smile and talk again. At the time of dismissal, Dr. Mukwege came to visit my daughter, encouraging us and setting up a checkup within 60 days. I was so happy to see my little girl regain her beautiful smile and the proper functioning of her organs. Additionally, I didn’t spend any money for the care of my little girl: COOPI and the hospital of Panzi payed for all our expenses.


I can’t thank COOPI enough for the excellent work they did within and for our community, but above all, I thank Dr. Mukwege and his team for having restored my daughter’s innocence. Only God will repay them for their work! I really do not know what else to say than “thank you”.”



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