Focus on the displaced, after an attack of Boko Haram

                                                           Photo: Archive COOPI


The picture above shows Abubakar with one of our COOPI operators a few days after entering our program to support displaced people, victims of armed aggression. Now he smiles and is grateful for the support received from COOPI through ECHO-funded activities.

Abubakar was one of the many victims of Boko Haram – an ISIS-related terrorist group – active in the state of Yobe, Nigeria. The fire in his home caused him serious burns, leaving him homeless and without the cattle he used for his agricultural activity – to survive. Agriculture has always been his only source of income, but after the attack he had to abandon everything, becoming homeless and displaced.

Fortunately, he had the possibility to move to the center of Ngalda, thanks to the help of some of his family members. Here he was registered as a family member and benefited from the support COOPI provides to displaced people. He has received a voucher that allows him to have food for himself and his family and a kit for hygiene products.

Additionally, one of the wives participated in training and counseling activities regarding correct nutritional practices for children.

After the emergency, we will have to rebuild and reconstruct with developmental projects. For the time being, for Abubakar Ali, his family and hundreds of people like him, the gratitude to be alive and to be helped is immense, despite the uncertainty of the future.


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