Haiti Project 2017

Training and cultural development in Haiti



The project of COOPI Suisse and Foundation Alta Mane is part of a broader cultural development program that COOPI is implementing in Haiti with the partial support of the European Culture Program. The contribution of Foundation Alta Mane is mainly directed at the training of operators.


The program intends to strengthen the operational capabilities of small cultural organizations in 10 areas and 14 Haitian cities through training, capacity building and the exchange of experiences. Additionally, this includes a promotional tour and the organization of three Haitian Culture Weeks in various European cities ( Milan-Italy, Rennes-France, Brussels-Belgium). This final event will allow for effective professional exchange but will also be an opportunity to promote Haitian culture through conferences, films and exhibitions.

Therefore, the project of COOPI Suisse and the Alta Mane Foundation aims to organize and secure training programs for managers of cultural organizations at the Campus Henri Christophe de Limonade (CHC-L), organized by the State University of Haiti. This is an academic and technical training program that provides, for the first time in Haiti, a state-recognized and certified  training course.

Duration: January – August 2017


There will be 32 students, 32 cultural organizations, 20 artists and artisans, 2 students attending the Haitian cultural week in Europe to benefit from this intervention.

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