Ethiopia (Afar) Project 2017 1

Reducing the consequences of drought caused by the El Nino phenomenon in the Afar region in Ethiopia  



Progetto Etiopia 2017


The Erebti area, located in Zone 2 of the Afar region, northeast of Ethiopia, is one of the most remote and poorest areas in the country and has been facing a serious food, health and water crisis for the past three years. The reason for this emergency situation is due to the drought caused by the meteorological phenomenon El Nino.


This drought, which comes in floods and outside of the traditional seasonal cycles, has reduced harvest productivity, killing livestock and has caused malnutrition problems throughout the country, which is still affected by El Nino’s, more than a year after it started. The same situation is present in the area of Erebti, where, among other things, poverty indices and food insecurity are among the highest in all of Ethiopia.


COOPI Suisse and AIL intend to implement timely and relevant interventions that will benefit 1500 people in the Erebti area. The aim of the operation is to rehabilitate 3 existing wells that will produce drinking-water for the recovery of water scarcity at a family level and to permit the survival of livestock, to reduce the search of finding water and to reduce the health problems of a population which has been in a crisis situation for the past two years.


The activity of rehabilitating three existing wells (“shallow wells”), equipped with hand pumps, concerns the following:

  • Cleaning the well, if necessary
  • The installation of a new India Mark II pump – a standard pump, most popular hand pump worldwide
  • The construction of a well cover, on the ground’s surface


Direct and indirect beneficiaries of the project:

Direct beneficiaries: 1500 people in close proximity of the three wells’ location, 300 families, for a total group of 1500 people

Indirect beneficiaries: 7500 people from the surrounding locations who can access these water points


Compared to ECHO’s Emergency Response Survey conducted in the area at the end of 2015, the beneficiaries are made up of 45% women and 55% men, 10 % children between 0 – 5 years, 47% children between 6 – 17 years, 37% adults aged between 18 and 49 years and 6% adults that are 50 and over.


Actors on site

Zone 2, a province within the Afar region, is one of the most remote and poorest areas in the country. There are no active local NGOs, which is also a reason for the low levels of education in the area. This, and other consequences, do not help in the integration of civil society into organizations promoting development. The implementation of activities in that specific area is therefore carried out directly by international institutions or NGOs, in collaboration with local communities and authorities.



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