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To provide access to education to 80.000 children in situations of emergency; reunite 300 of these with their families which they lost due to the involvement of armed groups; save 100.000 between 0 to 5 years – from malnutrition; to protect 26.000 little victims of violence.. COOPI Suisse dreams big: these are the goals to be achieved within a year, in partnership with COOPI – Cooperazione Internazionale.

The Children Project concerns the reassurance of a life tomorrow, for the generations of the future. These are also the biggest victims during conflict and within poverty-stricken countries. Malnutrition – caused by shortages of water and food resources – is among the main issues to be fought, followed by the reintegration of young people recruited by local armed militias and, finally, by little refugees fleeing from violence and war, forced to grow ahead of time. The international network of COOPI, of which COOPI Suisse is part of, has nowadays up to 170 projects in 19 countries; 2 Million and 600.000 beneficiaries. Over two Million children still have the chance to see tomorrow thanks to the many donors who each year guarantee and confirm their support to the organization.

«Little by little I found courage – testifies Assana, a former child soldier in the Central African Republic, who has benefited from a social reintegration project – I learned a job and returned to my village. Now I work as a mechanic and have my own family».

COOPI Suisse is not made up only by the Children Project. There are millions in the world who are subject to natural disasters, exploitation and hostile situations. There are millions who are in need of drinking water, an essential resource in order to reduce diseases, but also to irrigate fields and raise livestock. We end in the same way as we started: with our goals. We want to provide alimentary resources to 500.000 individuals, ensure hygiene and water to 350.000 and help 160.000 beneficiaries in hazardous areas during natural disasters. i.

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