Zenaba, alone in one of the poorest regions of the world


Zenaba, alone in one of the poorest regions of the world

Since her husband died, Zenaba Youssouf Moussa has been alone looking after her nine children. Alone, in one of the poorest regions of the whole world. By activating COOPI’s project “Multisectorial action on food insecurity and malnutrition in in the region of Hadjer-Llamis”, Zenaba and hundreds of other people have been helped in the processing and marketing of perishable vegetable products which permit people to have an income.

Prior to COOPI’s intervention, the consortium Al-Hafiz of Doumboulki village, in the sub-prefecture of Karal (Chad) – of which Zenaba is president – processed vegetable products only in small quantities.

The members of the consortium had no knowledge of conservation techniques, storage and processing methods of perishable vegetable products that were available in the country.

They didn’t even have sufficient practical skills regarding the techniques of processing and marketing of agricultural food products.

“The training I received from the project helped me in strengthening my skills and abilities in the field of processing and marketing agricultural food products”, explains Zenaba, who has also received some gardening tools and means of transport in order to support her activity.

“Thanks to the income of my business, today I have access to basic necessities: For example, I can afford to buy clothes for my children, to diversify our diet, to cover sanitary costs for the entire family and many other things”. 

A simple figure confirms the claims of Zenaba: with the participation of COOPI’s project, the consortium Al-Hafiz has almost doubled its annual economic income. From an income of between 300 and 350,000 Francs (around 530 Euro) recorded in 2012, the consortium has reached an income of 750,000 Francs (1143 Euro) this year.  

This is a positive factor, which we hope will encourage Zenaba and the whole consortium Al-Hafiz to continue their work and improve their activities. Congratulations Zenaba! And good luck!

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