Not only emergencies in Haiti, thanks to the Foundation Alta Mane


                    Credits: Andrea Ruffini


Thanks to the partnership between COOPI Suisse and the Foundation Alta Mane from Geneva, in January 2017 the project “Education and cultural development in Haiti” was carried out, which intends to further develop management skills of operators from Haitian cultural organizations. The training course’s technical and academic program provides, for the first time in Haiti, certification and legal recognition from the government.

Around 32 students, 32 cultural organizations, 20 artists and craftsmen and 2 students participating in the Haitian cultural weeks in Europe, are going to benefit from this intervention. 

The project intends to raise a new generation of Haitian cultural workers, investing in their academic training and in the promotion of their activities in three European cities.

The project COOPI Suisse & Foundation  Alta Mane is part of a broader program of development of the culture that COOPI is implementing in Haiti, partially supported by the European Cultural Program. The contributions of the Foundation Alta Mane are mainly used for the training and formation of workers and operators.

The program aims to strengthen the operational capabilities of small cultural organizations in 10 haitian areas and 14 haitian cities through training and capacity-building programs, the exchange of experiences, including a promotional turn, and through the organization of three weeks of Haitian culture in various European cities (Milan-Italy, Rennes-France, Brussels-Belgium). This final event will allow an effective exchange of professionalism and is also an occasion to promote the Haitian culture through conferences, films and exhibitions.

Therefore, the project of COOPI Suisse & Foundation Alta Mane aims to organize and provide training to managers of cultural organizations, conducted by the University of the Haitian State, on the Campus Henri Christophe de Limonade (CHC-L). It is an academic and technical training program which is certified and legally recognized as a training course.

COOPI, which has been present in Haiti since 2010, following the catastrophic earthquake (magnitude 7) that affected about 3 million people and caused the death of more than 220,000 Haitians, has been dedicated to bring relief, comfort and sustainability to the country, through emergency interventions, projects of development and disaster risk reduction.

COOPI was called upon once again in 2016 to avert the worst of hurricane Matthew that caused hundreds of deaths and the evacuation of 3 million people, thereby providing first aid (water, temporary shelter and methods to prevent the spread of cholera). For COOPI the real turning point is represented by sustainable aid.



         Credits: Andrea Ruffini


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